<h2> TIN SHING BRUSH MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED. </h2> <h3> has been established since 1969.&nbsp; We are the primary manufacturer who makes and supplies a full range of Cosmetic Brushes, Water Color Brushes, Card Brushes, Oil Color Brushes, Ceramic Brushes, Hake Brushes, Writing Brushes, as well as wooden handles.&nbsp; All our brushes are handmade with the latest technology and the highest quality control.<br /> <br /> We have made it our aim to provide the best commercial product for your convenience, as well as customized orders to suit your specifications.&nbsp; Our company is renowned for producing the best brushes in the industry.<br /> <br /> We welcome you to contact our representative for any product range that you may be interested in, either commercial orders or OEM, and any queries that you may have. </h3>